Your browser does not support JavaScript! Special price for March - Fire rated fuse board upgrades from £599.00

Special price for March – Fire rated fuse board upgrades from £599.00

Special Offer

We are offering a special low price to upgrade your old fuse boards to the latest 18th edition Fire rated, Dual RCD, MCB fuse board, from as little as £599.00 plus vat.

Our fuse board upgrades incorporate a surge protector which stops any surge of electricity from damaging your appliances.

If necessary we may need to install an AFDD (Arc Fault Detection device), if regulations deem it necessary, this AFDD is a type of device which detects any arcs between the cables to turn off the supply in the event of any arcing to stop fires happening.

Whilst we will carry out the fuse board upgrade replacements we will carry out a free visual safety inspection whilst onsite to ascertain that your house is safe and compliant with any works carried out this month.

If you plan to have electrical work done in your home and the fuse board is out-of-date, it will usually need replacing with a modern consumer unit by law as the regulations state all new electrical work needs an RCd to protect the new circuit. In most cases additions or alterations to an electrical installation will require a 30mA RCD for additional protection, most older boards do not have this.

Before the fuse board is changed checks via an inspection and testing is carried out on all circuits to ensure that no faults or non-compliances are present. This includes,

Checking the earthing to the water and gas has the right size cable and tight and secure connections.

Checking sockets and switches for wear and tear, cracks and overheating.

Carrying out testing to the cables for any insulation resistance between phase conductors and earth,

Checking the continuity of all circuits for the correct connections.

The 3rd amendment to BS7671 17th edition wiring regulations was introduced on 1st January 2015. It states that all new consumer units installed within a domestic premises are to be constructed from non-combustible material.

A recent report by the Fire Brigade records many house fires every week involving plastic consumer units. The majority of these incidents were the result of poor electrical connections inside the consumer units.

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